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Snoring Couple in Bed

At least there are treatments that can help you stop snoring. Treatment for snoring The most important point to make about the treatment of OSA is that effective treatment requires several related problems to be treated simultaneously. At least the following need to be addressed if you wish to stop snoring: Lifestyle factors The impression is growing that, to a large extent, many cases of OSA and snoring may be related to Western culture. The risk of significant OSA increases with the numerous factors described below, many of which are problems currently rampant in our society. Correction of OSA generally requires that these factors be eliminated. At times, elimination of these factors completely resolves the problem. Weight Excessive weight brought about by a sedentary lifestyle, too many rich foods or by medically related situations such as thyroid problems, is probably the leading factor contributing to OSA.
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Snoring a potentially fatal problem, doctors say

Speakers included senior pulmonologist Dr Ashok Arbat, psychiatrist Dr Sudhir Bhave and ENT surgeon Dr Sanjeev Glohar. Dr Arbat warned that snoring can be fatal and needs precautionary measures and expert guidance at the earliest. While snoring should not be taken lightly, most of us are not aware about having the habit, he said. “The habit could lead to sleep apnea (breathing stoppage for 10 seconds or more), of which a snorer may have 100 or more episodes during sleep. It causes sleep deprivation, sleep fragmentation and loss of sleep architecture, which in turn can cause many other health problems,” he said. Dr Bhave explained the importance of good sleep hygiene, saying that proper and complete sleep is essential for one’s mental and physical health.
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Singing can help reduce snoring

The trial, by Exeter University and the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust, showed that singing exercises strengthened certain throat muscles and helped alleviate the symptoms of sleep apnoea. Researchers say that, for best results, singing exercises should be teamed with lifestyle changes such as losing weight. According to Snore Australia, most people will snore at some time but chronic or loud snoring is often associated with sleep-related breathing disorders. It says other common causes of snoring include: Allergies Eating too much at night Nasal congestion Consumption of alcohol close to bedtime, especially if the amount is large Being overweight or obese Swelling of the muscular part of the roof of the mouth Swollen adenoids or tonsils, especially in children Medications, including sleeping tablets Sleep position – sleeping on your back may cause your throat muscles and tongue to relax If you are a snorer, there are several devices you can try to reduce your snoring.
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