Children’s mental-health commission debuts Monday

Mental health and psychosocial support programme in Libya: “Building Back Better”

But Muriel Jones, executive director of the Federation of Families of Central Florida a nonprofit family-support organization for those dealing with mental illness said the needs are still “huge.” In particular, Jones hopes to open a respite-care facility for weary family caregivers and set up a mobile youth-crisis unit. The latter already available in a few communities across the nation is a team of mental-health professionals who would answer 911 calls along with police when a child is having “a breakdown or meltdown,” Jones said. “They come in to de-escalate the situation,” said Jones, whose son was diagnosed with schizophrenia at age 14. “Then if the child is truly in crisis and needs to be hospitalized, the team would call an ambulance to come and take him there. That’s a big difference from having a police officer come to the home or school and put the child in handcuffs.” Jones, too, will serve on the commission.
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Mental health courts seek to treat, rather than jail

Misurata, Libyas third largest city, was the scene of some of the heaviest fighting. The city remained under siege for months and was increasingly targeted by shells and missiles. Misurata was also historically a city with no mental health services at all, not even a psychiatrist. Mental health services in Libya had been extremely inadequate and couldnt meet the urgent needs of people who suffered during and after the conflict, says Dr Baderdin Najjar, Director of Libyas National Center for Disease Control/Ministry of Health.
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Returning UCF students will see campus changes, tighter security

It will also allow for funding to promote cooperation between schools and clinical mental health services. These programs will provide suicide prevention and mental health awareness training with the focus on early intervention to help students. You may say, But I dont have any children that are school age. This isnt my problem. School violence is not the only thing that this bill aims to reduce.
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Mental health act will help inside, outside of school

She told the story of a man who barricaded himself alone in his house, prompting a neighbor to call the police, who surrounded the house with guns drawn until the man managed to tell them that he was one of Judge Lewis people, the meaning of which police have come to understand. Almost every court session, a defendant shows some small sign of improvement, such as wearing a tie. But most people show how difficult solving serious mental health problems can be, along with all the absurd, sad and complicated situations that can arise. There was the case of the elderly man who sometimes lived behind the Tick Tock liquor store in Langley Park, Maryland, who had come through Lewis courtroom so many times that she wondered whether he might be trying to come back deliberately. What is going on? she said to the man after he had been charged with shoplifting a utility knife, a screwdriver, a Snickers bar and two pairs of reading glasses from Target. Maybe I like court too much, he said. Maybe, Lewis said.
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